forbes ergas design

Specializing in the design of common spaces in cooperative, condominium and rental buildings

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Our process

Ready, Set, Go...

  • Discuss Scope of Services
  • Determine Project Goals
  • Perform Building Survey
  • Research Building History
  • Create Existing Layout Drawings

This is where it gets fun for you!

  • First Design Meeting With Client
  • Design Layouts - Renderings – Material Review
  • Subsequent Design Meetings –Refine Design
  • Establish Base Timeline
  • Review Preliminary Budget
  • Discuss Options/Alternatives
  • Finalize Design
  • Presentation Boards for Building Display

You get a break, but we are working hard to make your dream a reality!

  • Start Contract Documents
  • Write Specifications of all Materials
  • Complete Detailed Construction Drawings

More than halfway there…so close!

  • Begin Bid Documents
  • Select List of Contractors to Bid
  • Create Detailed Bid Forms
  • Go Out to Bid/Receive Bids Back
  • Create Bid Analysis Spreadsheet
  • Level The Bids
  • Contractor Interviews
  • Select a Contractor

Time to roll up the sleeves and make this happen!

  • Construction Begins
  • Schedule Work Sequence
  • Submit Orders
  • Perform Regular Site Visits
  • Ensure Quality & Progress of Work
  • A.I.A. Requisition Signoff
  • Oversee Installation of Furnishings
  • Punch List/Final Walkthrough with Client
  • Signoff Completion of Project


  • Contractor Markup – When a contractor buys a product they mark it up. Therefore, we bypass the contractor and buy several of the items direct from the vendors.

  • Quantity Discounts – Because of the sheer volume of material we purchase each year, we are able to get significant discounts over the retail price that you, or another design firm, would pay should you purchase it on your own. These discounts typically range from 20-50%.

  • Specialized Contractors – We provide you with a list of several contractors that all specialize in hallway/lobby renovation work. Because they are skilled in knowing what to expect their pricing tends to be much lower than other contractors that don’t specialize in this field.

  • Vendor Relationships – We are known for our excellent vendor relationships, which means when in a bind they often help us out. This could be added discounts, rush requests, or working with us to come up with solutions to unique site conditions.  

  • Ethical Relationships  - We are not a design/build firm and do not offer contractor services ourselves. This means that everything goes out to bid amongst several contractors, because when contractors compete you end up with the best pricing possible.

  • Fair Pricing – Some firms position themselves as “exclusive” and charge a premium. We have been exclusive to this type of work for 35+ years, with hundreds of buildings as clients. We have certainly earned the right to call ourselves the most experienced firm in NYC, but we feel it’s doing a disservice to charge a premium rate. We know exactly what is involved in each job and our pricing fairly reflects that.