Phase I:

  • Discuss Scope of Services – Confirm we are all in agreement with the work to be performed.

  • Determine Project Goals.

  • Perform Building Survey – Measure and record floor plan details.

  • Research Building History– Research the history and architecture of the building to aid in the new design.

  • Create Existing Layout Drawings - Take the survey details and convert them into Forbes-Ergas drawings.

Phase II:

  • First Design Meeting - At our first meeting we will show you several design schemes, with design layouts, material samples and each shown in a rendering of the space so you can better envision the concept.

  • Subsequent Design Meetings - Taking your feedback we will further refine the design until we settle on a final design concept for the space. Typically two to four meetings are needed to finalize the design.

  • Base Timeline & Preliminary Budget Review– Once a design starts to come together the budget will start to take shape and will be provided broken out line by line, like an “a la carte menu”. This format allows you to easily decide which items may need to be cut or value engineered in order to meet your budget needs. We will also better be able to gauge the timeline for completing the project.

Phase III:

  • Start Contract Documents - Taking the final design concept we will create contract documents.

  • Write Specifications of all Materials – Ensures accuracy on materials to be ordered.

  • Detailed Drawings - Help ensure that contractors have enough information necessary to build the project. Includes elevations, reflected ceiling plan, furniture details, etc.

Phase IV:

  • Begin Bid Documents - Ensure that all contractors are bidding apples to apples so that there is no discrepancy. Bid documents will also provide scenarios for alternates or to deal with potential issues that could come up during construction.

  • Select List of Contractor to Bid – We provide a list of contractors that have confirmed availability to begin your job as needed. All contractors we recommend we have worked with in the past and typically specialize in this work.

  • Create Detailed Bid Forms – This is both an invitation to bid as well as the detailed page so that everyone bids the same.

  • Bid Analysis – After receiving the bids back form the contractors, we create an easy to read spreadsheet showing the pricing from all bidders side by side, as well as the material costs. With this final bidding you can again decide if there are areas you wish to scale back on to meet budget constraints.

  • Leveling The Bids - After creating the spreadsheet we will work with the contractors to review any big discrepancies between contractors.

  • Contractor Interviews - Once you have decided which contractors to interview we will set up the interviews and guide the process to make sure the right questions are being asked so you can make an informed decision on who to select.

Phase V:

  • Construction Begins – Site visits by us, as needed during various phases of the work, as well as weekly site meetings to review the progress and quality of work being performed. The contractors will provide a schedule and sequence of work to be performed.

  • A.I.A. Requisition Signoff – All contractor requests for payment must be submitted to us for review of accuracy and signed by us, prior to being submitted to you for payment. This prevents you from paying for work that isn’t complete or accurate.

  • Punch List – Upon completion of work we will provide a detailed list of all areas that need to be addressed and walkthrough inspection with you before we will signoff on the final A.I.A. requisition from the contractors.